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Japanese Maple Tree Placement

Pacific Coast Maples has spent endless hours evaluating more than 400 species of Japanese maples in the areas of color, size, structure, durability, vigor, heat and cold tolerance, as well as overall beauty, to compile a list of what we consider to be the very best 25-30 Japanese maple cultivars in the world today. We are now grafting and growing 28 different varieties. We specialize in colorful, heat resistant maples because most all Japanese maples are somewhat prone to sunburn and stress in high heat conditions. 

Even though 'Glowing Embers', 'Trompenburg', 'Emperor I', and many of our other cultivars do well in full sun. It is recommended that you plant your maple in a place that does not receive direct sunlight after 12 noon, especially if your summers have temperatures reaching above 100 degrees more than five days each year. Although most of the Japanese maples we've selected are very hardy, vigorous growers, Japanese maples in general are not as durable as those old Oak trees most of us grew up with.

The North and East sides of the house are ideal locations for Japanese maples and because many of our cultivars do not grow taller than eight feet it is easy to find a tree that will fit nicely in a corner next to the house, underneath a window or eve, or beneath a medium to large shade tree. Japanese maples do well when carefully pruned so many varieties can be planted within 3 to 4 feet from the house or garage. It is also very important to keep Japanese maples protected from hot or cold winds. 

Japanese maples also perform very well in containers. Maple enthusiasts that choose to plant their maple in a container are encouraged to review our informational article titled, Growing Japanese Maple Trees in Containers.  It is important to remember that maples planted in containers should be transplanted into larger containers every few years or root-pruned to help renew the trees root system.

Japanese maple Tree Placement Tips