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Acer Palmatum Rootstalk for Japanese Maple Trees

Acer Palmatum Rootstalk

"Scion Wood" for Grafting Japanese Maple Trees

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Photos (Left Column) are of the Rootstock that the "Scion Wood" is grafted onto

      Pacific Coast Maples sells 1 to 2 year old scion wood to Japanese maple enthusiasts that wish to grow and graft their own Japanese maple trees.  Scion wood of this age is best because young wood shoots heal more quickly.   We currently sell scion wood to grow 15 different varieties of Japanese maples.  (See availabilty list below.)  We also sell Acer Palmatum Rootstock which is used to propagate Japanese maple cultivars.  Scion wood is grafted onto the rootstock, otherwise known as the" understock," to eventually form a new Japanese maple tree. 
      Pacific Coast Maples' scion wood is freshly cut the day prior to shipping and is bagged in sets of five. There is a 25 total piece minimum order requirement for purchasing scion wood. This means you are unable to order less than five pieces of any single variety. A customer for example, can order 5 pieces of Kamagata, 5 pieces of Fireglow, 5 pieces of Osakazuki, 5 pieces of Tamukeyama, and 5 pieces of Aratama for a total of 25 pieces of scion wood.

      If a customer would like to order more than 5 pieces of any one variety that is not a problem, however we do ask that you order in sets of five. For example a customer could order 10 pieces of Sango Kaku and 15 pieces of Red Dragon for a total of 25 pieces of scion wood. By ordering 10 and 15 pieces as demonstrated in the last example, one would meet the 25 piece minimum order as well as meet the requirement of ordering scion wood in sets of five.  
      Our scion wood is typically 4-6 inches long and contains 3 to 4 leaf nodes.  When your scion wood arrives you will need to wrap them up in moist paper towels, then placed inside a ziplock bag.  The ziplock bag should then be placed in your refrigerator inside the drawer where you keep your vegetables fresh.  You will need to take the ziplock bag out of the refrigerator once a week to moisten the paper towel once again.  It is important to make sure that your scion wood does not dry out.  If it does it is no longer able to be used for grafting.

*Pacific Coast Maples currently sells scion wood to graft the trees listed in the table below.