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Acer Palmatum

Container Height
5-7 ft.

Landcape Height
6-8 ft.

Growth Habit
Medium Tree/Shrub

Leaf Shape

Suitable for Bonsai?

Spring- Red
Summer- Red
Fall- Red

Coldest Zone
Warmest Zone


Japanese Maple- 'Red Dragon'
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Red Dragon Japanese Maple
Red Dragon Japanese Maple
Buy This Item Country of Origin: New Zealand 1990
Unique Traits
: Red Dragon is quickly becoming the standard for which all other red dissectums are judged.
Color: 'Red Dragon' holds its color better than almost all other red lace-leaved dissectums.

Acer Palmatum - 'Red Dragon'

'Red Dragon' is a fabulous, superior new cultivar from New Zealand. This deep purple-red dissectum keeps it tremendous deep color in sun or shade better than any other red dissectum. The color holds better than some of the most outstanding dissectums such as 'Crimson Queen', 'Garnet', and 'Inaba Shidare'. Even the award winning Tamukeyama cannot compare to Red Dragon when it comes to holding its color. The young leaves on this cultivar are a bright scarlet color in the spring, becoming dark burgundy as they develop. The rich color holds well until it changes into an outstanding flaming scarlet in the fall. The growth habit is like a dwarf form of 'Crimson Queen'. 'Red Dragon' is a well branched, cascading mound reaching a height of 5-6 ft. in 10 years, and 7-8 ft. in 15 years. It needs some protection from cold wind and summer drought. 'Red Dragon' makes an exceptional small garden, rock garden, or container plant. Although 'Crimson Queen' is probably the standard by which new red dissectums are judged, experts feel that 'Red Dragon' may well prove to be standard in the near future.

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