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Acer Palmatum

Container Height
10-12 ft.

Landcape Height
25-30 ft.

Growth Habit
Large Tree

Leaf Shape

Suitable for Bonsai?

Spring- Green/Orange
Summer- Green
Fall- Gold, Red

Coldest Zone
Warmest Zone


Japanese Maple- 'Omure yama'
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 Omureyama Japanese Maple
Omureyama Japanese Maple
Buy This Item Country of Origin- Japan 1938
: Brilliant green with orange leaf edges with a showy fall color of gold interlaced with crimson red tones
Unique Traits : Spectacular cascading limbs, willowy tree form, leaf shape and color tones

Acer Palmatum - 'Omure yama'

Acer Palmatum- ‘Omure yama’ is an extremely unique Japanese maple that is known for its beautiful cascading or weeping form. The cascading form is different but equally as beautiful as Japanese maples from the Dissectum Group. The leaves on this willowy tree are truly spectacular. The margins on the leaves are deeply toothed with fine serrations between. Omure yama’s new spring leaves have a bright orange cast to the leaf edges, but the leaves soon become a brilliant green. Omure yama’s fall colors are quite spectacular with its gold and crimson red combinations. Omure yama is a very vigorous, upright growing tree when they are young. Later they show a true pendulous character. The trees long willowy shoots start upward then bend outward. As Omure yama Japanese maple trees mature they become quite rounded with long cascading side branches. In 20 years the tree can reach heights of 25-30 feet tall and grow 20-25 feet wide. Omure yama was first introduced in Japan in 1938. This tremendous cultivar is an outstanding Japanese maple for large gardens.

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