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Pacific Coast Maples sells larger Japanese maple specimens for collectors and maple enthusiasts.  Our specimens are for those who do not want to wait ten years for their home, garden, or business to become a thing of beauty.  The photos displayed below are actual Japanese maple specimens sold at Pacific Coast Maples Nursery.  Because our specimen maples inventory can change each week we will be glad to send you updated photos and sizes upon request.  Pacific Coast Maples places a soda can somewhere toward the bottom of the specimen tree to assist you in knowing the trees trunk thickness.  All of our Japanese maple tree specimens are field grown before being dug and placed into a ball and burlap bag, afterward they are placed inside a 33 inch plastic container.   Specimen maples are typically 7 to 15 years old starting from when the tree was first grafted.  If we can assist you further please contact us at 1-877-MAPLE07.  Thank you. 
                                                                      *Specimen Photos taken at Pacific Coast Maples Nursery, Temecula, California

Tamukeyama Japenese Maple Specimen Red Dragon- Japanese Maple Tree
Sango Kaku Japanese Maple Tree Trompenberg Japanese Maple Tree
Orangeola Japanese Maple Tree Specimen Shishigashira Japanese Maple Tree Specimen