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Acer Palmatum

Container Height
5-7 ft.

Landcape Height
7-10 ft.

Growth Habit
Medium Tree/Shrub

Leaf Shape

Suitable for Bonsai?

Spring- Red
Summer- Red
Fall- Red

Coldest Zone
Warmest Zone


Japanese Maple- 'Inaba Shidare'
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Inaba Shidare Japanese Maple
Inaba Shidare Japanese Maple
Buy This Item Country of Origin: Yokohama, Japan- mid-1800's
: "Award of Garden Merit" from the Royal Horticultural Society
Name: Shidare means "cascading"

Acer Palmatum - 'Inaba Shidare'

J.D. Vertrees, the aristocrat Japanese maples calls 'Inaba Shidare' an "outstanding" dissectum that differs from others in its leaf shape and deep color. The larger, more intricate leaves develop a deep tone of purple red as they grow in the spring and retain this brilliant color all season. They do not bronze out in late season as do other red dissectums. 'Inaba Shidare' does well in hot sun and humidity but needs some afternoon shade. During the hot summer months the leaves can dry out if it is not watered adequately. The fall color is outstanding as it turns from purple red to a crimson tone. For a dissectum, 'Inaba Shidare' is unique in that it is an upright grower, yet it has a beautiful cascading form. The word shidare means "cascading". This tree is vigorous and sturdy. The branches are stronger than most all of the dissectums. 'Inaba Shidare' is becoming a very sought after tree in the United States and has been propagated on the islands of Japan since the mid-1800s. Awards: Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society. 

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