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Pacific Coast Maples sits high in the hills overlooking the Temecula Valley in beautiful Southern California. Pacific Coast Maples got its name from the 'Pacific Coast' breeze that blows through the Temecula Valley each day, thus making it an area where grapes, avocados, and citrus thrive. 

Pacific Coast Maples has a goal of providing world-class quality Japanese maple trees to professionals, collectors and maple enthusiasts throughout the United States. Of the more than 400 Japanese maple cultivars, Pacific Coast Maples specializes in what we consider to be the top 25-30 Japanese maples in the world today. We have selected our outstanding Japanese maple cultivars based on color, structure, strength, tolerance to heat and cold and the trees overall appearance. 

We are passionate about what we do, and thank the Lord and Japanese maple experts that have spent endless hours assisting us in mastering the art of grafting and growing these colorful trees.                                         

                                                            Greg & Jordana

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