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Fertilizing Your Japanese Maple

Japanese maples are not heavy feeders but do need to be lightly fertilized a few times a year. The first feeding should take place in early spring (before the leaves emerge) and should be followed up with a second feeding in July. 

When fertilizing it is important to remember to NEVER over-fertilize your tree. The soil must be moist prior to applying the fertilizer. The fertilizer must then be watered well into the soil. In soils in the northwestern United States, Japanese maples seem to resist the ammonium sources of nitrogen. Calcium Nitrate seems to work best. Other non-ammonium sources also perform well. A balanced fertilizer designed for roses (flowers) is highly recommended. Many times the fertilizer is called "Rose Food." Newer slow-release fertilizers such as APEX (brand)- "Woody Plant 18-6-12" are also very effective.

After researching various fertilizers we are extremely impressed with a few products from DYNA-GRO. We are currently using and selling DYNA-GRO's products at Pacific Coast Maples. Our new grafted seedlings seem healthier and our Japanese maple trees are thriving using the nutrition and protection solutions. We are extremely pleased with the results. 

DYNA-GRO's products are scientifically researched and designed. The University of Florida and Minnesota are assisting DYNA-GRO by doing research-based studies. The university studies have shown tremendous results both during and after propagation when using DYNA-GRO. All plants tested seem healthier and more resistant to disease, heat, and cold when using DYNA-GRO's products. 

Plants that have been grown using DYNA-GRO's products have won numerous awards for "Best in Show". The world's largest indoor zoo (Henry Doorly), supporting 2,000 species of exotic plants and trees in Omaha, Nebraska uses DYNA-GRO. 

Two products Pacific Coast Maples is especially pleased with is the Grow 7-9-5 "The Nutrition Solution" and Pro-TeKt 0-0-3 "The Silicon Solution". We offer these two nutritional products as well as more information about them on our website in the "Supplies" section.


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