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Acer Palmatum

Container Height
6-8 ft.

Landcape Height
8-10 ft.

Growth Habit
Medium Tree/Shrub

Leaf Shape

Suitable for Bonsai?

Spring- Red
Summer- Red
Fall- Red

Coldest Zone
Warmest Zone


Japanese Maple- 'Crimson Queen'
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Crimson Queen Japanese Maple
Crimson Queen japanese Maple
Buy This Item Country of Origin- The United States - 1965
: "Award of Garden Merit" from the Royal Horticultural Society, "First Class Certificate" -Netherlands
Recommended by: The United States Arboretum

Acer Palmatum - 'Crimson Queen'

'Crimson Queen' is an outstanding cultivar with a deep-red foliage color. The trees beautiful leaves are deeply cut and dissected. Most dissectum cultivars with excellent red color during spring and early summer turn green or bronze. 'Crimson Queen' however, carries their deep red color throughout the entire growing season. 'Crimson Queen' is very sun tolerant and can endure full sun with practically no sunburn, but under extremely sunny conditions the deep-red can turn to a beautiful orange-red. Fall color can bring on an array of bright scarlet tones. This strong-growing cultivar originated in the United States and ages into a beautiful cascading form. As 'Crimson Queen' ages the growth shoots become shorter and form a more dense growth. The tree reaches 3-5 feet ft. high in 10 years. This tree has become a favorite in the United States in the commercial trade. 'Crimson Queen' is usually grown as a small tree or large shrub. Recommended by: United States National Arboretum. Awards: Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society. First Class Certificate of Boskoop The Netherlands. 

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