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Acer Japonicum

Container Height
6-8 ft.

Landcape Height
10-12 ft.

Growth Habit

Leaf Shape

Suitable for Bonsai?

Spring- White, Maroon
Summer- Green
Fall- Red

Coldest Zone
Warmest Zone

Japanese Maple- 'Aconitifolium'
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Aconitifolium Japanese Maple
Aconitifolium Japanese Maple
Buy This Item Country of Origin- Japan
: "Award of Garden Merit" from the Royal Horticultural Society
Recommended by: Ohio Plant Selection Committee

Acer Japonicum - 'Aconitifolium'

Aconitifolium' also known as the "Fern-Leaf Maple" is an incredibly diverse Japanese maple that can accent your home or business. 'Aconitifolium' although somewhat rare, is a firmly established tree that can be seen in virtually every arboretum, botanical garden, and Japanese maple collection throughout the world. The foliage is deep green and has good substance and texture. In the spring the white and maroon blossoms are quite striking. 'Aconitifolium' has intense fall coloration which last longer than most maples. Brilliant scarlet tones develop which has been known to turn various shades of purple. The appearance is flame red when looked at from a distance. This strong-structured maple is an upright grower that has a multi-branching habit. The leaves are multi-divided and deeply cut. Each leaf has numerous cuts which extend almost to the midrib. The irregular dissected leaves give it a fernlike appearance which gives rise to its common name "Fern-Leaf Maple." This cultivar forms a round topped small tree which grows 8-12 feet tall. 'Aconitifolium' which has also been nicknamed the "Dancing Peacock" is a wonderful addition to any yard, patio, or garden. Recommended by: Ohio Plant Selection Committee, Awards: Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society.

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