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Grafting Japanese Maples Video

Grafting Japanese Maples Video Cover

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Grafting Japanese Maples DVD/Video

The Grafting Japanese Maples DVD/Video is now on sale. 

For orders outside the United States you will need to purchase the "International Shipping Charge for Grafting Japanese Maples DVD/Video" located inside the Shopping Cart in addition to the Grafting Japanese Maples DVD/Video.

"Grafting Japanese Maples is an extraordinary, scientifically researched video hosted by Greg White, president and founder, of Pacific Coast Maples nursery which specializes in growing colorful Japanese maple trees. This ever popular video is a one of a kind teaching tool for beginning to intermediate grafters. The video goes in depth to teach Japanese maple enthusiasts how to propagate world-class quality Japanese maple trees. Grafting Japanese Maples is a complete guide to grafting, covering everything from selecting, cutting and storing scion wood to preparing and trimming your rootstock. Additionally, this comprehensive video teaches four different grafting techniques as well as how to properly tie, tent, seal, spray, and care for newly grafted Japanese maple trees."