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Testimonials from Pacific Coast Maples' Customers

*Thank you so very much for your assistance with this purchase. You have "Gone Above and Beyond" with your customer service. I really appreciate your guidance on planting the trees and was truly impressed with the size/height of the trees. I am a new home owner & I am continuously finding special projects to improve the exterior appearance of my home. I am so proud of my trees. I have already taken pics of them and shared them with my family and friends. My only concern is that I can keep them healthy. I will follow your advice to the tee! I purchased the fertilizer you recommended & the pebbles. I took very good notes for my lawn guy and I promise to supervise his actions while planting the trees. Thanks again and I will keep you posted on their progress. Have a wonderful weekend! very much.

Amanda Gamble
Atlanta, Georgia

*We received our beautiful trees in perfect condition, thanks to the wonderful packing job. Your follow up phone calls were most helpful in suggesting the perfect location to plant them. They are growing beautifully in our memory garden. Thank you for the excellent customer service. Thank you very much.

Angela Cratty
Antioch, California

*Thank you for the detailed planting instructions and the larger tree. It arrived very healthy. We love it. You and your company have been ideal to order from. I will definitely recommend you to all.

Jennifer Boeth
Scranton, Pennsylvania

*I was very pleased to purchase my latest tree from Pacific Coast Maples. Their web site was easy to use. They also took the time to phone me when they found that a more desirable specimen (of the exact same tree type) could be substituted for the one I had ordered. My Japanese maple tree arrived in excellent condition with a full root ball and should transplant well. I could not have asked for better service or a finer specimen. I only wish I had more room in my suburban yard for more maple trees. Thank you very much.

Jonathan Lester, M.D.
Closter, New Jersey

*I have bought several maples from Pacific Coast Maples and they have all arrived in great condition!!! Not only are the maples great but the customer service is superior! They truly love Japanese maples and I will continue to purchase more trees!!! Thank You Pacific Coast Maples!!!!

Rick Moreno
LaVerne, California

*All trees arrived safe and sound. You do one hell of a wrapping job! They are beautiful and Mrs. Nokes is irritated because I ordered my own Christmas gifts! Thanks again for the beautiful plants. My birthday is in January so I will probably add a Mikawa Yatsubusa and a Kamagata to the mix. Have a very Merry Christmas!

Anthony Nokes
Laguna Beach, California

*To make my story short lets just say that Pacific Coast Maples is very professional and extremely knowledgeable about Japanese maples. They had many varieties of Japanese maple varieties to choose from. I selected a Mikawa Yatsabusa, which is perfect for Bonsai. This is a great company to do business with, and as a long time bonsai culturist I personally recommend that you only buy from Pacific Coast Maples.

Edward Angeles
San Diego, California

*Our Japanese maple tree was received yesterday, and potted this morning.... beautiful. Thanks!

Paul Spurlock
Ft. Collins, Colorado

*Greetings. I just ordered, received, and planted them over the past several weeks. I am most impressed by your careful and thoughtful attitude. You contracted me and reassured me that the shipment would not be tied up in Thanksgiving traffic. You called several times about my order, the nature of the trees, the pride you have in them, and expected delivery date. The trees were well wrapped and not in styrofoam! So far excellent. Waiting for the next several seasons and further development of the trees.

Stephen Martin
Ross, California

*Thank you for keeping me informed on my maple tree. Your customer service is excellent and I will gladly do business with you in the future.

Terry Davis
Lakeland, Florida

*Thank you for being so accommodating in allowing me to have a first hand experience at your nursery. Your trees are all so gorgeous, and although I was there to help make a selection for my customers, I found so many for myself. Your website is very easy to use and pleasing to the eye! I would feel perfectly secure in ordering a tree directly from your website without ever having to seen it in person. Your descriptions and photos are very true to what I saw in person at your nursery and the over all information regarding your Japanese Maples have helped to educate me more on this beautiful tree! I have been "bragging" about Pacific Coast Maples to all my customers and friends and family! I can't wait for my next stop at Pacific Coast Maples and hopefully, I'll be bring one extra home with me.

Sofia Sainz
Temecula, California

*Your website is easy to navigate and provides wonderful imagery of the maples, which aided us in the selection process. Our maples showed up promptly in excellent condition. They are waiting to be planted. We look forward to ordering more!

Allena Walsh
Albuquerque, New Mexico


*The beautiful Shin Deshojo, accompanied by a doodlebug arrived yesterday. Thank you so much for the lovely tree as well as the doodlebug. You may think this odd, but we don’t have doodlebugs in Wyoming and I was raised in a place that did so I’m just very happy to have he/she as well.
What a fine specimen, I’m so impressed. Please be assured I have no intention of planting the maple outside. I know its fate. Not much thrives at minus forty in Wyoming. It will be in my home during the spring, summer and fall and in my garage in the winter where I have a consistent ambient temperature of around 40 degrees.

Also, the packaging was excellent. Came through unscathed. Plus it took me 10 minutes to unpack it!

Thank you again for the attention to excellence your company must embrace. I appreciate it.


Carolyn Orr

*I want to thank you for your follow up and professionalism.

Melanie Gong
Salt Lake City, Utah

*My trees are doing great. I really enjoyed my experience of being able to hand select them, but all the trees were so beautiful, that making the selection was hard to do. I could easily have felt comfortable buying off the website knowing I would get a great tree. You are so passionate and knowledgeable about the trees and more than happy to share that passion. It's infectious. The instructions you gave me in person and on your website have greatly aided in my plantings. They are all leafed out now and look beautiful. There is no hesitation to say that I plan to buy from you again. On my second trip, I brought my mother, who was visiting from out of town and she absolutely loved it. Even though she had a long drive back to her home and did not intend on lugging a Japanese maple tree back with her, she wound up buying one right there on the spot because she fell in love with all the trees. She keeps telling everyone she knows about the selections and how awesome you guys are. You make it fun to buy, which is dangerous, because my yard is not that big :-)

Todd Reeder
Carlsbad, California


*My husband Mark and I are so happy with the Inaba Shidare we purchased from you for our 17th wedding anniversary. We’ve named it “Hanzo” and have placed it on our veranda where it is doing very well. Since purchasing a Japanese Maple was a special occasion for us, we were so happy to find your website which has so much information and that you were only about an hour's drive away. Meeting the two of you and learning about the different types of Japanese Maples was great! We were able to choose one that will do well in our Southern California weather and that we will be able to enjoy for many years. It will always remind us of the morning of our 17th anniversary when we drove to the beautiful wine country in Temecula to pick it up. Thank you for such a wonderful memory!

Mark and Beth Vorbau
San Diego, California


*Recently I received one of your Japanese maples. There was an error with the delivery but when I brought it to your attention you (Pacific Coast Maples) quickly remedied the error and sent a larger tree instead. Greg was very helpful. He answered all of my questions and gave me excellent customer service. I have to tell you I normally do not like to order on-line merchandise but my experience was easier and more satisfying than dealing with my local retailer. Thank you.

Jennifer Boeth
Scranton, Pennsylvania

*Your We have been gone on a long trip. I planted the Japanese maple before we left and put it on a drip system. It is all "leafed" out now and doing fine. I would recommend Pacific Coast Maples as an excellent source for Japanese maples. You were very patient and helpful in assisting me pick out my Japanese maple tree. Thank You.

John Whitson
San Pedro, California

*My trees arrived unscathed. They are really beautiful!!! Thank you and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Warmest regards,

Anthony Nokes
Laguna Beach, California

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