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50 (Quantity) Acer Palmatum Rootstock for Grafting Japanese Maple Trees
50 (Quantity) Acer Palmatum Rootstock for Grafting Japanese Maple Trees
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Rootstock (Quantity 50) (3/16" to 1/4" caliper) (=$175.00)

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Rootstock for Japanese Maple Trees

Pacific Coast Maples sells 2-3 year old rootstock. The rootstock are 3/16" to 1/4" caliper. The rootstock, better known as Acer Palmatum is used to propagate Japanese maple cultivars. The rootstock, also referred to as "understock" is usually 18" to 22" inches in height, however at times the rootstock can grow taller. If this is the case we will cut the rootstock down to 24" inches in height prior to shipping. Cutting the rootstock down to size prior to shipping will not hurt your grafting in any way. In fact the first thing a Japanese maple grafter will do prior to grafting is cut the top of the rootstock down to size. Rootstock that is 24" inches in height gives a grafter plenty to work with. Even the tallest grafted Laceleaf Dissectums are typically grafted at a height of 14 to 20 inches. 

*Do to the popularity of our rootstock we have set up a new system for customers to purchase the rootstock. The new system has many positives and a few negatives. The system was designed so that we can ship our rootstock semi-bareroot which saves the customer a large amount of money in shipping costs, which we all know have skyrocketed over the last year. When we used to ship out rootstock year round every rootstalk seedling had to be shipped in its own mini liner pot filled with soil and water. We found that 90% of the weight of the packages was due to the weight of soil and water.

**We now encourage customers to begin ordering their rootstock early until our supply runs out. Although you order and pay for your rootstock as early as June our Japanese maple rootstock will not be harvested until November (This is different than all the rest of our Japanese maple trees which are shipped out almost immediately after they are ordered.) After the rootstock is harvested and bundled in groups of 25 (see photo), they are shipped out to you immediately. The rootstock will be shipped to you during the last part of November to early December. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding

Pacific Coast Maples also sells scion wood, which is used to graft onto the Acer Palmatum rootstalk. We currently have 15 different varieties of scion wood so that you'll be able to grow and graft your favorite Japanese maple trees. If you are interested in purchasing scion wood to graft your own Japanese maple trees, please see our link titled "Scion Wood" on the bottom of our website's Homepage or click on the following link- "Scion Wood"

Rootstocks Bundled in Groups of 25

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