Friday, May 18, 2007

Why Japanese Maples are Quite Possibly the Most Beautiful Trees in the World

Why Japanese maples are quite possibly the most beautiful trees in the world.
Japanese Maples are strong and durable, display outstanding color, graceful form, gorgeous foliage, and come in all shapes and sizes.
Japanese maples brighten the fall season with a blaze of red, orange, and yellow leaves. But fall color isn't the only reason to plant a Japanese maple (Acer palmatum).
Few other trees are so well rounded: their roots are noninvasive; their fallen leaves break down quickly or blow away in the wind, making autumn cleanup easy; and even the taller varieties can usually be pruned from a small ladder.
Japanese maples deliver four seasons of beauty. In winter, their bare branches have a rare structural beauty. Some Japanese maples have snakelike, zigzagging limbs while others have weeping, cascading form. Other Japanese maple varieties have coral, red, or textured bark.
Japanese maples can be grown almost anywhere in the West, East, and Southern areas of the United States, except in the deserts. They thrive in the Pacific Northwest and coastal Northern California. In warmer areas of inland Northern California and in Southern California, a sheltered location - such as in a courtyard or on the north side of the house - is crucial for success.
Any combination of strong sunlight, alkaline or salty soil, and dry winds can result in scorched leaf edges by midsummer. Scorching usually ruins the fall color.
Spring growth is often more colorful than fall foliage, and many Japanese maples have brightly colored seed pods. In summer, the leaves range from soft green to deep purple to variegated white and pink.
There are more than 400 named varieties of Japanese maples with almost every imaginable variation of leaf shape, leaf color, and growth habit. Their variety makes Japanese maples extremely versatile in the landscape. They are hard to beat as small garden trees. They also adapt well to containers. and can liven up any garden with the sun shining through a rainbow of colors. If you have any questions regarding Japanese Maple Trees after ready this article please visit us at