Thursday, April 12, 2007

Why are Japanese Maples Grafted?

We are constantly asked the question, why do you have to graft Japanese maple trees? Why don't you grow them from seed? First and foremost all of the trees we sell are grafted so that you know exactly what you are getting. If you grow a Japanese maple from seed many times you never know what is going to sprout out of the ground. Grafting is by far the most popular method used to propagate hybrid varieties of Japanese maple trees. There are several other reasons why grafting is preferred to propagate these outstanding trees.

First, grafting assures that the variety you are propagating, will be exactly the same as the parent plant. If when you are grafting, you use scion wood from an outstanding parent plant, you will propagate a new Japanese maple tree with the same outstanding characteristics. Secondly, grafting to rootstock (Acer Palmatum) that exhibits cold hardiness or extreme strength and vigor makes the plant more adaptable to various climates and conditions. Lastly, once one becomes an experienced or accomplished grafter he/she will have a good percentage of successful grafts. This is extremely important for nurseries who want to keep the cost of production low. If you have any questions regarding Japanese Maple Trees after ready this article please visit us at



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