Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Japanese Maple Trees that are Heat Tolerant

Pacific Coast Maples specializes in Japanese maples that do well in hot climates. Our number one criteria for selecting our 25 species was heat tolerance followed by color, structure, strength, cold tolerance, and overall beauty. With that said please remember that although many Japanese maples do well in full Sun, it is strongly recommended that you place your tree in a location where the tree will receive morning Sun and afternoon shade. Although all of our Japanese maples are heat resistant the Japanese maples listed below are what we consider to be the most heat resistant in the following categories: Palmates, Lace-Leaf Dissectums, Dwarfs, and Miscellaneous Varieties. If you have any questions regarding Japanese Maple Trees after ready this article please visit us at

Heat Tolerant Japanese Maples (#1 for example, means the most heat tolerant maples within that category type)

Palmates- 1.Trompenburg 2.Glowing Embers 3.Emperor I 4.Chishio Improved 5.Sango Kaku

Lace-Leaf Dissectums- 1.Seiryu 2.Tamukeyama 3.Crimson Queen 4.Orangeola 5.(Tie) Inaba Shidare & Red Dragon

- 1.Kamagata 2.Aratama 3.Shaina 4.Sharp's Pygmy 5.Mikawa Yatsubusa

Miscellaneous Varieties- 1.Shishigashira 2.Palmatifolium 3.Aconitifolium 4.Autumn Moon



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